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Fabulous Diamonds – 'Fabulous Diamonds II' review

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If one were to write this review in the style of Melbourne noise artists Fabulous Diamond’s second LP, the write-up would be a single long sentence that shifted imperceptibly from short sharp one-beat words into elongated, undulating improvisational literature and back to short words once more, the whole thing sustained by increasingly peculiar grammatical contortions, sporadic BEHEADED ROOSTER dada-ist exaltations BEETROOT! and linguistic repetitions and echoes, echoes and repetitions linguistic, all bouncing off one another while a deep, undulating and eventually very satisfying pattern slowly emerges – a pattern that would be tantalisingly interrupted by a choppy, ill-formed sentence. A total non-sequitur, too. It would then launch back into a closing sequence of even more literary form over content, peppered with avant harde word-play and high-literature gags, all of which would be great were it not so painfully self-aware of its own cleverness.