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Ex Hex live review

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Touts outside Oslo crowing to passers-by about their fistful of “tickets for the xx, buy or sell” couldn’t be more wrong about tonight’s attraction: this is no moody soul-bearing show for sensitive bedroom types, but a joyous, raucous hurtle through the kind of music that’s always on the stereo in house-party scenes of John Hughes films – rattling, brassy, overdriven power-punk to play beer pong to or wind up your daggy parents. And what fun it is: Ex Hex’s lean formula of chugging rhythm section, earworm melodies and My Sharona guitar solos might be a simple one, but when delivered by the one-two punch of Mary Timony, perfecting the punchdrunk-stagger stage walk, and Betsy Wright, with classic rock poses and a sleeveless leather jacket, it’s a hard heart that would fail to be won over.